Material: Found wooden sticks from the city and the forest
Dimensions: 350x350x350cm
Location: Prosten Cullberg's road, Särö, Sweden 2017



Herbal Pavilion 2017
Material: Pallets, herb plantings, glass jars and thermos with hot water
Dimensions: 240x240x240cm
Location: Sculpture garden at Arnstadt Gallery, Sweden.



Sieroca Street 6
One day collective installation made out of leftovers
from the former residents at Sieroca street 6.
Gdansk, Poland 2016


Stille Sone
Workshop with design students at
Hamar Cathedral School, Norway 2016


Grünes Klassenzimmer
Material: Reused building materials
Dimensions: 240x240x240cm
Location: In the schoolyard at Kleine-Zille, Berlin 2016


Under a make-believe tree
Material: Wooden leftovers and plastic bottles etc.
Dimensions: 600x500x500cm
Location: Kozanów neighbourhood in Wroclaw, Polen 2016


Eternity sculpture
Material: Blue clay, sand, wood-chips
Dimensions: 350x900x200cm
Location: Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden 2015


Mud huts
Material: Clay, sand, straw, cowpat,
hair, willow etc.
Location: Mid- and West Jutland, Denmark 2014


Material: Scaffolding
Dimensions: 650x600x600 cm
Location: Schillerplatz, Mannheim, Germany 2014


Base Camp
Material: Styrofoam, wood, textile, strip light armature,
balloons, iron bars, soil, etc.
Location: NCCA-Ural, Yekaterinburg, Russia 2014


Material: cardboard boxes
Dimension: variable
Location: Kungsbacka konsthall, Sweden 2013


Temporary Habitation
Material: discarded beds, buggies, wheel chairs etc.
Dimensions: 450x400x400cm
Location: County Hospital in Kalmar, Sweden 2013

  Living Dead Room
Material: Discarded furniture
Dimensions: variable
Location: KKKC, Klaipeda, Lithuania 2013
  Tree-house Library
Material: Discarded doors, widows, shelves,
books and wooden leftovers.
Dimension: 500x270x270cm
Location: Alanica 2012, the VI International Art
Symposium in Vladikavkaz, Russia
  Life A User's Manual
Material: One container wooden waste products
from the local recycling station.
Dimensions: 400x400x400cm
Location: Teaterparken, Växjö Konsthall, Sweden 2012
  Change Of System
Material: Parquet floor
Dimensions: variable (400x250x250cm)
Location: Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany 2012
Material: Discharged fireworks
Dimensions: 45x350x250cm
Location: Krognoshuset, Lund, Sweden 2012
  Collective Gym
Material: Stone, rope, 8 sticks
Dimensions: variable
Location: ARThotel, Chisinau, Moldavia 2011
  The Day After Tomorrow
Material: Plastic furniture
Dimensions: 200x200x200 cm
Location: Arnstedt Östra Karup, Sweden 2011
Material: Metal tubs from discarded furniture
in brass imitation and sheets of asphalt.
Dimensions: 250x180x180 cm
Location: Arnstedt Östra Karup, Sweden 2011
Material: Slats of wooden bed frames
Dimensions: 300x300x1000 cm
Location: Ozean, Berlin 2011

Spiral Pavilion
Material: Balcony doors
Dimensions: 240x350x350 cm
Location: Y-gallery of contemporary art, Minsk 2010

November Playground
Location: Kaliningrad State Art Gallery 2009
Exhibition: Living in a Modern Society
Curated by Martin Schibli, Kalmar Konstmuseum (Sweden) in collaboration with
Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts
Material: Parts from discarded furniture, household utensils, building material
and clothes
Dimensions: 400x400x400 cm
Location: Kulturparken Småland, Växjö, Sweden 2009
Curated by Nicolas Hansson, Växjö Konsthall in collaboration with
Kulturparken Småland, Sweden
The Wheel
Material: chair legs, curtain rods, strips, joists, broomsticks etc.
Dimensions: 450x400x400 cm
Location: Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm 2009
Material: Chipboards from discarded shelves, walls, cabinets, platforms etc.
Dimensions: Seven piles with a diameter of 12 meter and heights from 220 to 350 cm
Location: Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden 2008
The 8th Continent
Material: Chipboard from discarded wardrobes, walls, doors, tables, shelves etc.
Dimensions: 400x400x400 cm
Location: Högsby, Sweden 2007
Material: Crushed glass from a bus stop and concrete fragments
Dimensions: 160x200x200 cm
Location: Studio at Neues Deutschland, Berlin 2007
The Facet Eye
Material: Windows, roofing-felt, wooden frames and textile
Dimensions: 300x350x450 cm
Location: Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup, Sweden 2006