Herbal Pavilion 2017
Sculpture garden at Arnstedt Östra Karup, Sweden.

Inspired by the Japanese tea house, we want to create a tranquil place to experience with all the senses. The sound of the pelvis that bubbles below, the smell of the herbs, how the light is falling between the joints ....

The visitor can compose his own tea from the herbs that grow along the walls. The tea is served in recycled glass cans and can be enjoyed either at the pavilion's stand-up table or in the adjacent sitting area.

Self-service instructions:
1. Take a glass jar from the shelves along the walls of the pavilion.
2. Gently pick some leaves from the herbs and put in the glass jar.
3. Pour hot water from the thermos and allow to drain for about 5 minutes.

The pavilion is also intended to serve as an educational experimental room where you can look at edible plants in the surrounding nature and share your own experiences. Do an expedition in the garden to see what can be found there!: the leaves from the currant bush are good to make tea on, birch leaves, nypons, nettles, dandelion? ...

The Pavilion is a result of close collaboration between artist Daniel Segerberg, Arnstedt Gallery and the Back in Position *

* Back in Position is a newly formed movement based in Berlin, which wishes to invite you to take advantage of things in the immediate surroundings. Construct instead of consuming, in a spirit of recycling, for both an external and an inner sustainable development.
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