Installation out of school desks, chairs, books, binders, video cassettes etc. found in the different storages at the Hamar Cathedral School. The installation was the result from a workshop/performance and was presented/performed at the Kattafestivalen, Norway 2016

Upcoming and ongoing exhibitions and projects:

People´s Smart Sculpture as part of the 8th edition of Grassomania Festival, Gdansk 2016

Quersumme ist die Summe der Beteiligten, Atelierhofes Kreuzberg, Berlin

Kozanów-In Search for the Miraculous, part of the European Cultural Capital 2016 in Wroclaw, Poland

In the garden at Gallery Arnstedt Östra Karup, Sweden

Workshop at the Heinrich-Zille Grundschule, Berlin

27.5 and 24.8.2016
Workshops at Hamar Cathedral School in Norway, organised by Hedmark Touring Organisation.

Drinnen-Draußen at Art-Lab Berlin